Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The management and faculty of SPSP believes that the overall development of students and their acceptability by the employer is in turn depends on the quality of teaching and training imparted during their course of study. In order to achieve the desired outcome in student community, SPSP fraternity is striving relentlessly through its IQAC.


Attain global recognition to SPSP.


  • To involve all stakeholders, faculty, students and parents in quality enrichment and sustainability     process.
  • To implement and improvise teaching and learning activities of highest standard.
  • To obtain accreditation for all the programmes by various statutory bodies.

Silent features

The IQAC is extending its activities such as helping the faculty in preparing lesson/teaching plans according to JNTUA academic calendar. Oversee the maintenance of subject/course materials. Encourage the faculty to continue their research activities. Review the process of students’ academic enrichment and research. Encourage the faculty and students to publish their research outcomes and reviews in peer reviewed journals. Review on progress of seminars/assignments/dissertations. Interact with students on pedagogy feedback and also for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Encourage students for effective utilization of the library facilities. Analyze feedback reports of Alumni and other stake holders. Design the innovative instructional policies such as tutorials and e-presentations for effective teaching and learning activity at SPSP. The IQAC is committed to impose mentor-mentee system in order to alleviate inferiority complexes of students and to counsel their concerns. Liaise between students and faculty to promote healthy student-teacher relationship.


Dr. Prasanna Raju Y ( Co-ordinator )