Bring together all the alumnus of SPSP and contribute towards betterment of individuals, teams, institution, and pharmacy profession.


To bring together all alumni members into a single forum.

To provide uninterrupted network with alumni in order to update the recent trends, developments and opportunities.

To encourage periodical meetings and associations between members.

Silent features

Alumni Association of SPSP is established in 2001 with the first batch of SPSP (1997-2001). Since then the number has increased up to 1500 alumnus, who have occupied several positions in various fields such as Drug Inspectors, Analysts in Govt. Laboratories, Faculty in reputed institutions, Managers of various departments in giant national Pharma companies and MNCs. Alumni is ever contributing effectively in fetching of employment opportunities for many out-going graduates of SPSP.

Executive Body

Mr. M Venkateswarulu, President

Mrs. R Radha, Vice-President

Mr. K V Nanda Kumar, Secretary, e-mail:, Mobile: 09505746849

Mrs. P Keerthi Sikha, Treasurer

Mr. B R Srinivasa Murthy, Joint Secretary

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